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Aiwen Wang


ICCES, Institute of Atmospheric Physics    Phone: 010-82995305

Chinese Academy of Sciences                     Email: wangaiwen@mail.iap.ac.cn


Education and Working Experience


2009.9 – now         Ph.D. Student, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of  Sciences,Beijing ,China

2003.7 - 2009.9       Mathematics teacher ,Beijing Information Science and Technology University,Beijing,China

2000.9 - 2003.7      M .S.,Computational Mathematics, School of Science , Xi'an Jiaotong University,Xi'an ,China

1999.7 - 2000.8      Mathematics teacher Yangxin  Second Senior High School, Shandong,China

1995.9 - 1999.7     B.S. Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Liaocheng University , Shandong ,China.


Research Interests


Developments of Land Surface Models in the Climate System

Freezing and Thawing Interface problem

Stabilized Finite element method for the Navier-Stokes Equations




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2.        Zhenhua Di,Zhendong Luo,Zhenghui Xie,Aiwen Wang and I.M.Navon. An Optimizing Implicit Difference Scheme Based On Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for the Two-Dimensional Unsaturated Soil Water Flow Equation. International Journal for Numerical Methods.2012,68:1324-1340,DOI:10.1002/fld.2610.

3.        Aiwen Wang,Jian Li, Zhenhua Di, Xiangjun Tian, and Dongxiu Xie.  A New Reduced Stabilized Mixed Finite-Element Method Based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for the Transient Navier-Stokes EquationsMathematical Problems in Engineeringvol. 2011, Article ID 895386, 19 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/895386.(SCI:867ZB)

4.        王爱文,黄静静. 定常Navier-Stokes方程的Newton两层稳定化有限元方法.北京信息科技大学学报,201126(5):25-29.

5.        Jian Li,Jianhua WuZhangxin Chen and Aiwen Wang. Superconvergence of Stabilized Low Order Finite Volume Approximation for the Three-Dimensional stationary Navier-Stokes Equations. International. Journal of  Numerical Analysis and Modeling.2011,9(2):419-431.

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12.    Yinnian He, Aiwen Wang , Liquan Mei.  Stablized finite-element method for the stationary Navier-Stokes Equations.J.Engrg.Math.,2005,51:367-380 (sci:942W)

13.    Yinnian He , Aiwen Wang.  An Optimal Nonlinear Galerkin Method with Mixed Finite Elements for the Steady Navier-Stokes Equations. Numer. Meth. for PDES 2003 19: 762-775 (sci:735GW)

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——王爱文 2012.9.27 北京