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Name£ºShuang Liu (ÁõË«)  

Hometown£ºChengdu, Sichuan Province,southwestern China



QQ: 510781109

E-mail: liushuang@mail.iap.ac.cn/510781109@qq.com

Education and Working Experience£º

        2015.9¡ªNow     PhD student,Meteorology,Institute of Atmospheric Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Supervisor:Zhenghui Xie

        2014.9¡ª2015.8  Internship,Institute of Atmospheric Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences

        2012.9¡ª2014.6  Master Degree,Agricultural Informatization,Sichuan Agricultural University,China, Supervisor:Jingwen Xu

        2008.9¡ª2012.6  Bachelor Degree,Ecology,Sichuan Agricultural University,China

Research Areas£ºLand hydrological models;Hydrological forecasting


     [1]Shuang Liu,Zhenghui Xie*,Yujin Zeng.Estimation of streamflow in un-gauged basins using a combined model of black-box model and semi-distributed model: Case study in the Yingluoxia watershed [J]. Journal of Beijing Normal University (Natural Science) (in Chinese), in press(2016).

     [2]Shuang Liu, Jingwen Xu*, Junfang Zhao£¬Xingmei Xie and Wanchang Zhang.Efficiency enhancement of a process-based rainfall-runoff model using a new modified AdaBoost RT. technique[J]. Applied Soft Computing, Vol.23 (2014): p.521-529

     [3]Shuang Liu, Jingwen Xu*, Junfang Zhao£¬Xingmei Xie and Wanchang Zhang.An innovative method for dynamic update of initial water table in XXT model based on neural network technique[J]. Applied Soft Computing, Vol.13 (2013): p.4185-4193

     [4]Shuang Liu, Jingwen Xu*, Junfang Zhao and Yong Li.A Novel Integrated Rainfall-Runoff Model Based on TOPMODEL and Artificial Neural Network[J]. Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols.423-426 (2013):p.1405-1408

     [5]Shuang Liu, Jingwen Xu*, Junfang Zhao and Peng Hou.Applicability of Modified TOPMODEL in the Arid Zone and the Humid Zone[J]. Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 423-426 (2013):p.1418-1421

Motto£ºThere is always a way!


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